Talented Fish is a talent acquisition management and human resource consulting firm, our services include:

  *   Employer Brand Assessment
  *   Workforce Planning
  *   Retention and Employee Engagement Consulting
  *   Contract/Contingent Talent
  *   Search & Placement Services

We create entire talent ecosystems for each client to ensure every step of the human capital attainment and retention process is sound and maximizes their potential to have the highest caliber of talent on their team.

Talent, the essential component to any successful organization, is our central focus for ensuring your ecosystem is both sustainable and thrives, even during dramatic shifts in the economy.

Talented Fish helps our clients navigate the challenges of attraction and retention, by providing the essential resources for winning in the current battle for talent share.

So jump into the pool, the water is fine! 


Employer Branding

Diversity & Inclusion Program Development

Workforce Planning


Executive Search

Contingent Search
Contingent Search

Contract Staffing


Private: Industry Focus

Banking & Finance 
Our Banking/Finance and Accounting  search and placement team delivers highly qualified candidates.

Consumer Goods/Services
Talented people bringing your concepts and brand to life using the latest technology and knowledge of current trends.

 Engineering Professionals
The voice of your company is essential to your brand, having the right people on the other end of the line defines your company.

Human Resource Talent
Finding the right talent requires having the right team to engage and retain your prospects and employees. Click here for Talented Fish’s RPO Solution.

Health Care
Non-Clinical support is a rapidly growing field for talented health and health sciences talent.

Legal Administrative Support


Talent Seekers

When your firm is looking for the most talented in a sea of talented individuals our clients rely on Talented Fish for one simple reason…we dominate the crowded field of human capital management firms by engaging the largest groups “schools” of available talent. We recognize that there is a distinct division between available people and talented people, by building strong relationships with our customers and equally important our talent base we are able to create working relationships that produce the most productive and fulfilling outcomes for everyone involved.

As our client we invest in understanding more than the skill sets in your request by learning your corporate culture. Our talent greatly appreciates insight into your environment and the opportunity to align with companies with the same ideals.

Our Talent Engagement Teams successfully build lasting relationships with the best available (and some that are not available) professionals in specific industry groups. By understanding the needs of our workforce, work/life balance, meaningful work and opportunities to work in collaborative environments where their knowledge is appreciated.

Our Client Engagement Teams are made up of dynamic people who take your requirements and build unique solutions that are focused on one thing – bottom line results that make our clients say WOW!